File Uploader

A file uploader API made with ASP.NET

Getting started



git clone

Config enviroment variables

Configure the FileUploader/FileUploader.API/appsettings.Development.json with your Google API Credentials

Don't have a Google Cloud Account?

"CloudStorage": {
    "ClientId": "your client id",
    "ClientSecret": "your client secret"

Also, don't forget to configure the FileUploader/FileUploader.Application/UseCases/Users/UploadProfilePhoto/UploadProfilePhotoUseCase.cs

private static User GetUser()
    return new User
        Id = 1,
        Name = "John Doe",
        Email = "[email protected]",
        AccessToken = "your access token",
        RefreshToken = "your refresh token"

You can get these credentials here


cd FileUploader
dotnet run --project FileUploader.API