WebApi with .NET 8

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An API made for studies on the C# and .NET 8


  • C#
  • .NET 8
  • Xunit
  • Swagger

🚀 Getting started

Here you describe how to run your project locally


Here you list all prerequisites necessary for running your project. For example:


How to clone your project

git clone https://github.com/vitoUwu/WebApi


How to start your project

cd WebApi
dotnet run --project WebApi

📫 Contribute

Here you will explain how other developers can contribute to your project. For example, explaining how can create their branches, which patterns to follow and how to open an pull request

  1. git clone https://github.com/vitoUwu/WebApi
  2. git checkout -b feature/NAME
  3. Follow commit patterns
  4. Open a Pull Request explaining the problem solved or feature made, if exists, append screenshot of visual modifications and wait for the review!

Documentations that might help

📝 How to create a Pull Request

💾 Commit pattern