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The cool thing about this project is that the content found in /projects comes from github, a script located in scripts/updateProjectsData.ts is what makes this thing happen.

Initially I was making it so that every time someone entered /projects, a request was made to github to get all my repositories and then show them all on the page, but a problem I faced was the rate limit, so I thought , I don't need to update this every time someone enters the page, that's when I made this script, every time I run it, it edits the file in utils/repos.ts, where some of the data from all public repositories, and in content/*.md, where it takes the projects' "" files and saves them locally.

This also works in /project/[slug], which renders .md files

How to run it locally





git clone && cd website


bun run dev

Now enter localhost:3000 to access locally