• CarcaráFull Stack Developer2 months ago

    We are partners of Capivaras, Deco.cx specialists, we implement e-commerce and APIs with amazing efficiency. Our focus is to deliver high quality and performance solutions, using communication frameworks to improve our development speed, Deco as a headless platform, Fresh.js, Tailwind, Typescript, Deno and HTMX as the main stack. We have already implemented projects such as Farm Rio, Reserva, Granado, Als, among others, reaching up to 90 performance points on Page Speed Insights.

  • ITZA TechFull Stack DeveloperAug 2023 - Apr 2024

    We developed a headless e-commerce using deco.cx, Fresh, Tailwind, Typescript and Deno. Our focus is to build and implement solutions in the smoothest and most performant way possible, so that the user can navigate smoothly and without crashes or slowness. I built, optimized and refactored sites and implementations such as Zorba, PG Adesivos, Velocita, True Source among others. I improved loading times by reducing around 2 to 5 seconds of loading, reduced bundle sizes, delivering less Javascript to the browser. I also made open source contributions to deco.cx.

  • Código KidInstructorApr 2023 - Oct 2023

    Instruct and assist students aged 6 to 12 in online platform classes. Create experimental classes so that new students can become familiar with the content. Develop robotics and games projects for events within the school.